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Ready, Steady, Grantham: The Enactus Training Weekend

“Please don’t forget to bring warm clothes!” … so we did! Once we had arrived at Grantham Friday afternoon we knew why, it was freezing! But that surely didn’t stop us to have an amazing training weekend at Grantham. Let us give you a glimpse on what we did.

This year we attended with seven, super-motivated members which made us part of a huge cohort of over 400 Enactus students. All of us slowly arrived on Friday afternoon and we chatted away to other Enactus teams from the UK when standing around a big bonfire drinking mulled wine. Amazing!

Next day, next activity, or shall we say activities? Saturday was packed with many interesting and diverse workshops run, amongst others, by Enactus Alumni. They were divided into five streams, for example Enactus Essentials for our new members. We split up and joined different sessions to get the most out of the weekend. So, after breakfast we rushed into our first workshop still having the sleep in our eyes, but that disappeared quite quickly. Why?

Because almost all the seminars were very interactive. We prepared posters in groups or discussed how to react to conflict. The Alumni really made every effort to share their experience with us which showed very clearly on the little feedback post-its. They were handed out at the end of every session and glued to the walls. Many of them read “Great interaction” “8/10 points – thanks”

We had six of those sessions, one after the other, so yes, in the afternoon we were indeed exhausted. Thus, time to party! What? Yes. Saturday evening we got dressed up for a fancy dinner in the youth hostel. It was very impressive to see how the hostel and Enactus staff had transformed the canteen from its usual state to an elegant dining room. We surely had a great time, especially afterwards when hitting the dance floor. A worthy finish for a day full of hard work!

At this point, we almost hear you asking: Well, what did you take away? That probably boils down to many contacts to Enactus Alumni and other Enactus teams, direct tips what to improve and many, many questions that we have to ask ourselves to bring our team forward in the long-term. Now we are on track and excited to get back to work!

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