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North East Collaboration and Meeting Sustainable Legends

After weeks of hard work recruiting the best talent at Northumbria University, our new team of 34 members are coming together. A week ago our team collaborated with other local teams, Newcastle, Durham and Teesside, to run a ‘North East Training Day’ to educate new members on the Enactus spirit and bring teams together. It was a great day learning about how to effectively monitor projects, brainstorm, hit criteria and work with beneficiaries. Our amazing University Advisors and Programme Manager Liv ran the sessions pushing members out their comfort zones to be creative and even ballroom dance! It was a fantastic day and brought all our teams closer, as many of us have only met at competition time, when stress levels are usually higher!

Furthermore, our team were lucky enough to be invited to the public lecture at Northumbria from Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, titled: “Making an Impact on a Global Scale: Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for Business, Society, Government and Education?”. Sir Mark, is the chairman of the Global Compact Foundation and of the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC). Our team were even more fortunate and were introduced to Sir Mark himself for a discussion about sustainability and the projects our team are currently working on towards achieving the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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