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The Hygienies

Project Vision and Mission

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• Empower women and create a safe space for them to discuss         menstrual health and hygiene through education and contribute
   in reducing menstrual waste.

• To educate both men and women and tell them the importance         of menstrual health and hygiene. Spread awareness about
   eco-friendly menstrual products and eliminate stigmas.

• Spread locally in the initial phase but move to an international         scale and level in the future.

• Help beneficiaries with the buy 1 donate 1 scheme.
   Help customers also develop a sense of satisfaction through this.

What we Do

The Hygienies is a project working on issues surrounding menstrual health, hygiene and education.

Our project has 3 main objectives: 

• To distribute sanitary products to women who find it difficult

   to afford them.

• To spread awareness about menstrual waste and introduce

   and share knowledge of environment friendly menstrual products.

• To encourage open and healthy conversations about                       menstruation therefore eliminating all stigmas and taboos                   surrounding the issue.

Hygienies logo purple.png
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