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Enactus Northumbria Go To The Enactus World Cup

Enactus Northumbria were given the opportunity to travel down to the Excel Conference Centre, London to attend the Enactus World Cup. The 3 day sees the top Enactus teams from all 36 different countries, to compete to be crown the Enactus World Champion 2017. 

Northumbria took seven members down to watch the event, a mixture of new and committee members. The team were blown away by the high standards of this years competition. India, in particular, impacted over 100,000 people with their project and reduced open air defecation in slums by over 97%

Canada also showcased some strong projects consisting of their Hydroponic project, which demonstrated the ability to grow fresh greenery in a compact plastic box in harsh arctic conditions; not only impacting 100's of lives but also providing jobs for multiple unemployed people.

As well as viewing presentations, the team were granted the opportunity to network with the World Cup's main sponsors: Unilever, Ford, Coca Cola, KPMG and Enterprise Rent a Car; providing everyone with key graduate skills and contacts.

Enlightened with the true Enactus spirit, the trip not only made Enactus Northumbria proud of the society we are apart of but also passionate about making a permanent change in the world. The team returned determined and focused to reach new heights with their projects that they didn't think was even possible.

Enactus Northumbria would just like to thank the Business School for sponsoring the team to go attend the World Cup!

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