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NUOVO & Enactus Northumbria Set Up Partnership

Recently our team met with Paul Hughes, president of Northumbria’s NUOVO Entrepreneurial society, to discuss if either societies could be of benefit to each other. Two heads are better than one, and two societies are certainly better than one! Creating a partnership between the two societies will offer all members even more opportunities. 

NUOVO is a society for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and from any university course. The society aims to help students enhance and develop their business skills. They host training and networking events for students and provide members with opportunities to work with local businesses.

With Enactus sharing a lot of similarities, this is a partnership that is surely going to benefit both societies. We have began to meet to join our strengths and to work on social and commercial ventures. 

The future will be bright and success will follow, as a result of our collaboration! #NUfortheWin

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