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Alumni Mentor & Ted Talks Speaker Oli Monks Comes to Visit Enactus Northumbria

During our trip to Grantham in October we made a lasting impression on Oli Monks, an alumni mentor for Enactus. Oli has featured on Ted Talks and has previously been the Project Leader for Enactus Lancaster. 

On the 21st January,  we were lucky enough to have Oli come up to Newcastle for a training day with the team. It was a great opportunity to get advice from someone that’s been there and done it before. Especially with the national competition fast approaching! 

The day proved a success! Oli was able to help us with structuring our projects, planning and preparing for regionals and nationals and he also gave us some great ideas on how we can fundraise.

The advice and knowledge the team got, will help Enactus Northumbria to progress and grow even further and hopefully we will make another lasting impression when we land at nationals in April. Hoping to work more with Oli, as he is now officially a mentor to Enactus Northumbria.

Thanks again Oli! Welcome to the team!

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